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Octabins can be described as a heavy-duty packaging solution for transportation and storage of goods in bulk. These include: granular, PET bottles, preforms, plastics and powders etc.

They are made from heavy-duty corrugated boards in an octagonal-shaped box which consists of a base, sleeve, and lid.

Octabins bring the advantages of being cost-effective and an environment friendly alternative to wooden and metal crates.

Being heavy-duty and slightly lightweight material, it decreases the weight of the load, which results in reduction of shipping costs and carbon emissions.

All octabins are designed in such a way that they withstand the entire supply chain and are stackable on top of each other as well. Optional features include; discharge points availability, and for extreme loads, an inner sleeve can be added which helps to provide the highest bulk resistance.

To maximise the storage space and to minimize transport costs, all octabins are delivered flat.

After using the octabin, they can be easily disposed off and they are 100% recyclable.



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About Us

The management team responsible for the product has experience in the relative field of the corrugation and packaging industry with an aim now to solely manufacture corrugated octabins and increase its quality and potential in this growing market. The company also believes in the evolving weather conditions and wants to play its role in protecting the environment by practicing necessary practices to stay environment friendly. For this purpose, manufacturing a product that is 100% recyclable was a mandatory practice for the company.


The manufacturing services will also offer the client a solid, value-based purchase backed by a 100% quality commitment and effort by our employees and management.


This product will reduce customers' cost of storage & transportation nationally and internationally.


Each Octabin has a potential to contain over 1 ton of product and can be stacked on top of another due to the strength of a 7 layer strong corrugated cardboard.


Octabins cater a wide market that involves products that need to be transported in bulk quantity locally and internationally.



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